Complaints Policy

Last Updated: 12 December 2023

This Complaints Policy (“Policy”) explains how AFRIDAX (Pty) Ltd (“we”, “us”, or “our”) handle customer complaints and the steps for resolution.


1. Introduction

At AFRIDAX (Pty) Ltd, we are committed to providing excellent services to our customers. We recognize that sometimes issues may arise, and we are dedicated to resolving complaints promptly and fairly. This Complaints Policy outlines the procedure for raising and resolving complaints.

2. Definitions

Complaint: A formal expression of dissatisfaction by a customer regarding the services provided by AFRIDAX

Complainant: The individual who filed the complaint

Complaints Officer: The individual appointed by AFRIDAX assigned to address and investigate your complaint

Complaints Manager: The individual who oversees AFRIDAX’s complaints procedure and may be asked to assess your complaint

Resolution Notice: the written confirmation of your complaint’s resolution

3. Submitting a Complaint

Customers may submit a complaint by sending an email to our Complaints address [email protected]. Please note that anyone can lodge a complaint provided they have a direct stake in the issue at hand such as

·        A current, previous, or prospective client of AFRIDAX

·        A person who is lawfully acting as a trustee, executor, or other similarly designated authority on behalf of the client mentioned in the point above

Should you wish to file a complaint please include the following information:

·        Your contact details, including your full name, and an email address where you can be contacted

·        A complete explanation of your complaint. Please include as much information as possible to allow us to address your complaint. Your complaint should show how AFRIDAX has violated a contract or the law, or significantly harmed, prejudiced, or inconvenienced you, or treated you unfairly, or made you dissatisfied.

It is important to give as much information as possible in your complaint as if crucial details are missing from your description of what happened, or too vague for us to help, AFRIDAX will not be able to address it. This could lead to your complaint being rejected as a result.

You expressly consent to work collaboratively to establish a complete account of the complaint with the appointed AFRIDAX Complaints Officer

4. Complaint Handling Procedure

4.1. Acknowledgement

Upon receipt of a complaint, we will promptly acknowledge its receipt with a unique reference number via email.

4.2. Investigation

Within three business days, an AFRIDAX Complaints Officer will be assigned to your complaint and will send you an email to the email address provided in your complaint to confirm receipt of it. A unique reference number will be included in this email, this reference number should be quoted in any additional communication or correspondence.

Should the AFRIDAX Complaints Officer be able to handle your complaint immediately, you will also receive an acknowledgement and a Resolution Notice with feedback.

The Complaints Officer will investigate the situation more in depth if it is more complex and cannot be handled immediately. The Complaints Officer has the right to request additional information throughout the investigation or to request that you submit written arguments. 

4.3. Resolution

We will work to resolve the complaint in a fair and timely manner. The Complaints Officer will make every effort to provide you with a Resolution Notice within 15 business days. If the complaint has several issues and cannot be reasonably resolved in this time, we will inform you of our progress and will continue to investigate. 

4.4. Closure

Once the complaint is resolved, we will provide the customer with a resolution summary and request confirmation of their satisfaction.

When applicable, a Resolution Notice will include:

·        How your complaint was handled and where it was accepted,

·        Where your complaint was denied and the justifications behind this decision

5. Escalation

If a customer is not satisfied with the resolution of their complaint, they may escalate the matter within seven days of receiving the Resolution Notice requesting the matter to be reviewed. The complaints officers are dedicated to acting impartially, and decisions will be based on the truth. You can ask for the matter to be reviewed if you believe the decision was unfair or flawed. To take the matter on review, you must provide written justifications.

The Complaints Manager will be tasked with considering the review. Within 3 Business Days, the Complaints Manager will send an email to the email address you provided in your complaint acknowledging your request to review the situation. 

The Complaints Manager will investigate the situation and make a decision within 15 Business Days. The Complaints Manager has the right to ask you for more details during this time or to submit written arguments. 

The Complaints Manager will provide you with a written decision of the outcome of your review and any further steps that are available to you. 

If your complaint has not been resolved by the Complaints Manager to your satisfaction, you may be entitled to take external adjudicative action depending on the nature of your complaint. 

Before approaching a potential adjudicator, please allow AFRIDAX to investigate and reply to your complaint first by following the process outlined in this Complaints Policy. 

If there are external adjudicative options available to you, the Complaints Officer / Complaints Manager will do his/her best to bring these to your attention but this does not exclude you from taking any steps yourself.


We draw your attention to the fact that, if you wish to institute legal action against AFRIDAX regarding the outcome of your complaint, you must do so within 1 (one) year after the date on which the final decision is communicated to you by the Complaints Manager.

6. Fraud and Phishing occurrences

We at AFRIDAX are dedicated to protecting both our platform and our consumers from harm by those taking advantage of phishing scams and other practices and have taken proactive measures to do so. We urge you to learn what steps you may take to safeguard your account as it is your duty as a consumer to protect your money. You should avoid clicking on dubious links, avoid using the same password across multiple platforms, ensure you are using a strong unique password, and never share your personal information, including usernames and passwords, with others. Phishing attacks are becoming more common online and in all financial services.

If you believe you have fallen victim to fraud, please contact us as soon as possible by opening a support ticket and we will make every effort to help you. 

If you were a victim of one of these assaults, AFRIDAX cannot be held liable for any financial losses you may have sustained. 

You may file a complaint in accordance with this Complaints Policy if, in connection with a fraud incident, you believe that we have violated an agreement or law, that we are to blame for your loss or harm.

7. Recording and Reporting

We maintain a record of all complaints received and resolutions provided. We periodically review complaint data to identify patterns or recurring issues and take appropriate actions to improve our services.

8. Confidentiality and Data Protection

We treat all complaints as confidential and handle personal data in compliance with relevant data protection laws and regulations. We will share information, where fraud has occurred with the bank and interested parties.

9. Continuous Improvement

We are committed to continuous improvement and actively seek feedback from complaints to enhance our services and processes.


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